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Pulse Remote



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200 x 400 pulse remote 2022

Company name:

Pulse Remote

Lines of business:

Computer Software

Topic presented at the fair:

Payroll and HR administration

Products and services:

Cloud-based solution (SaaS) which helps organisations to streamline their remote work policies while retaining visibility, saving costs and monitoring compliance. We turn the employee footprint into reliable data to enable better decisions around three verticals: 

  • Communication: Improve the collaboration within your team by bringing visibility 
  • Occupancy: Measure your occupancy rate and set a maximum capacity for each zone in your offices 
  • Compliance: Monitor the use of your work-from-home policies at a country level and get the information you need for a multi-country payroll 


9 rue du Laboratoire

L-1911 Luxembourg


Phone number:

+352 691 22 66 80


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